Thursday, February 5, 2015

Debut Post 1

Hard to know where to start. We have been spending part of the last few years in Philadelphia, primarily to be close to children and grandchildren. As we have settled in, we have also been exploring the city with its rich offering of art and culture, architectural monuments to modern finance, wonderful public parks and space, deep historical roots, and variety of neighborhoods.

This exploration has been enriched even more as I carry my camera with me and look for the shapes, colors, lines, and diagonals of the city - the new and the aged - the spiffy and the seedy - the enduring and the ephemeral - the eye catching and the mundane.

It seems time to begin sharing some of these images.

I'll begin with just the lightest of samplings from my neighborhood in Roxborough and Manayunk ...

Main Street - Manayunk
Main Street - Manayunk

Schuylkill Canal - Manayunk
Roxborough Row Houses
Neighborhood Church
 And ... across the street from our apartment in the Wissahickon Park, part of the largest urban park in the country - Fairmont Park ...

Wissahickon Park has walking paths, horse and bike trails, an old inn/restaurant, many relics of the past, with Forbidden Drive (forbidden to cars) running for seven miles along the Wissahickon River.

Livesey House - once part of the many mills lining this early Philadelphia industrial area

Bridge along the Wissahickon River
Another view of the same bridge ...

Bridge along the Wissahickon River

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